Go Whip Catering Supplies

End User / Reseller Declaration of Use / Resale Agreement All The Go Whip Catering customers that are interested in purchasing and reselling our products must agree to the following terms below:

You should be active in one or more of the following business sectors; Food and Beverage, Medical or Beauty Procedures, Life Saving Equipment, Sports and Leisure. You must be currently registered with your relevant government tax departments and able to provide the registration details for invoice purposes on request. You must be ambitious and able to handle high order numbers.

Your company must also be willing to grow and able to send us your business growth plans, facilitated by the exclusive supply of Our Products products.

We will only consider your application for a distributorship after you have sent us your due diligence processes for our prior approval Please send us and comprehensively detail your complete due diligence process, including all the checks and documentation you use when selling onwards Additionally, we require proof of this process from your past sales We also require full disclosure and details of your sales channels and all relevant marketing materials for our approval plus the guidance notes and policies you require your customers follow.

Before applying you should be fully familiar with the products and products uses by clicking on the title links below:


Professional Uses - Food & Beverage Soda Beer and Wine - Specialist Gases and Custom Fills - Medical Procedure Use - Life Saving Equipment - Sports and Leisure Industry

Legal: By applying to become a customer or distributor you hereby acknowledge that you have; read, accepted and agree to the Terms of Business, Terms of Use Policy and Charger and Whipper Safety. Furthermore, you accept full responsibility to ensure that your customers; read, accept and agree to adhere to the same. Terms of Business Terms of Use Policy Charger and Whipper Safety

I agree to the Terms

Distributorships are limited and awarded to the applicants with most potential. Details of current monthly order volume, future requirements, first order value etc will help support your application. Approximate sales value etc. You must read, accept and agree to our Terms of Business, Terms of Use Policy and Charger and Whipper Safety Guidelines.