GoWhip Catering

End User / Reseller Declaration of Use / Resale Agreement All The Cream Connect customers that are interested in purchasing and reselling our products must agree to the following terms below:

    1) You understand that inhalation of Nitrous Oxide carries a risk of serious health consequences. The risk of such a misuse include narcosis, asphyxiation and potentially death.

    2) You confirm that you are the named purchaser and that you are at least 18 years of age and acting on behalf of your company.

    3) You confirm that you do not propose to misuse the Goods or to supply the Goods to anyone you believe may be under 18 years if age or may misuse the Goods.

    4) You will take all reasonable measures to ensure the products are used only in accordance with the instructions and will be kept secure so that they cannot be misused by children or others.

    5) You will ensure if re-selling our products that any signage, labelling or information which relates to or accompanies the product explains it is for catering use and does not suggest any other use.

    6) You confirm awareness of the HAZARDOUS nature of Nitrous Oxide and agree to not obstruct or modify packaging to obscure safety information and will take all necessary measures with regard to storage and transportation of the Goods.

    7) The Cartridges will NEVER be put abroad an aircraft, heated in any way or pierced by anything other than a cream whipper

8) You will take all reasonable measures to ensure customers reselling product maintain the same safe practices and terms listed in this agreement

By reading this document, you agree not to misuse any of our products


We sell a range of whipped cream making equipment for whipping cream and creation of espuma foams/mousses and much more. The cream charger cartridges contain a gas called Nitrous Oxide (N20) that can be abused in the same way that glue or solvents. We call this @misuse@ because the product is not being used for the purpose it is designed. The risk of such misuse include narcosis, asphyxiation and potentially death.

In order to combat misuse, we require that customers purchasing a lot of cream chargers/Tanks confirm they are aware of the problem of misuse and will make every effort to prevent our products from being misused. It is an offense to sell cream whipping chargers for the purpose of inhalation and an Offense to sell whipping chargers to anyone under 18 – punishable by up to 6 months’ jail and/ or a large fine. So if you are a catering retailer you must make sure that your customers are over 18 and are intending to use the cream chargers to make foods.

If we suspect that you intend to misuse the cream chargers or sell them to others for misuse, we will refuse to sell any equipment to you. We will refuse to do business with you in the future and your account (name, address etc.) will be registered in our database so that you cannot purchase from us again. At the request of the Police we securely store details of all cases of misuse of cream chargers that are reported to us. Please trust that we value your right to privacy and are completely opposed to the state interfering in people’s lives unnecessarily.

I agree to the Terms